David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin

Out of hibernation


The spring weather yesterday here in Nashville just got me out of my apparently genetical winter hibernation. It surprises me every year and I don't even know...

Moments that count


For the Hawaiians, life goes through stages, not years. Days follow the sun, not clocks. Mountains are wisdom keepers and homes for powerful creatures, no matter how tall they are...

Craterscape of Mauna Kea


Sweet grapes and gratitude


We’re in the middle of November, and after a long warm fall here in Sweden, the weather is finally starting to make sense. Although the roses are still blooming in fragrant peachy colors and we’re still harvesting sweet grapes (the garden photo above is from yesterday…!), the cold and spiky rain is taking over, and allows for moments in front of the fireplace, and warm woolen socks...

Happy International Day of Peace!


Happy International Day of Peace!

A great day to do an act of peace, don't you think?
Like choosing to forgive somebody or yourself for something, or letting go of something that you've held on to long enough. Little or big, there's always something that can make your life a little more peaceful..


Head over heels like the bees :)


How has the Summer been so far?
Blissed out? Stressed out? Yup, us too. All of it. Chaos is close to God, isn't that what they say? We’ve spent the last few months apart and together, on different continents, islands, cities and villages. It started with a fabulous time at Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, which involved flash floods (we’re talking people kayaking in the camping area!), new inspiration from fantastic artists such as ...




This winter 
we’ve been so busy being wowed by snowy Nashville weather, being thrown off – and airborn! - in an unexpected (yet exciting..) mega-bump in a cement-tray-toboggan-ride, paying subsequent visits to the chiropractor ...




This rainbow seemed somehow different, slowly but steadily starting to grow in both directions. And before our eyes it turned into a majestic portal pending between intensely fiery and soft - alive and breathing. The Dutch lady's chin dropped, as did ours', and she explained: “Legend says, that when ...


Let's make an illustrated video!


Somewhere in the rustle and tear of what’s going on in the world right
now, the idea was born to use our song Only God Knows to make a little comment out there into the void. There's just something with images and music together, that gets our hearts beating faster and we ...


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